Wildlife Backyard

30 minutes of tranquility during my early morning walk around Raft Island rewarded my senses with the sights and sounds of mother nature's presence.

The NW side of the island is more forested with mossy trees and old growth areas perfect for wildlife. First a flurry, a spread of wings and quick launch off the ground gave me witness to a large Spotted Owl lifting its small prey into a nearby tree.  He ate and then posed.  I chatted with him briefly and then was buzzed by him on a trio of flyby's as he glided above the side of the road from tree to tree listening intently to my monologue along with the background chirp of our resident island Bald Eagles.
Just as my chaperone decided to fly back to where he started our time together, a large wingspan higher and further away caught my eye.  The Eagle I had heard moments earlier had lofted into a distant tree.  The gray misty sky subtly enhanced the Eagles image on an overlook position not far from the water.  Not the clearest image, but take my word for it that a Bald Eagle is the focal point.
Soft droplets that greeted the start of my walk waned a bit more as I rounded the islands narrow road back towards home. With the eagle softly chirping in the background my gaze shifted to movement up a small hill to my right, just below one of the larger homes on the island.  Two young Blacktail Deer stood feeding just off the road.  They took interest in my presence but were undaunted in their enjoyment of the hydrangea buds close by.
A serene greeting from the natural realm I find intoxicating.  My walk ends after a short, steep climb that can be tricky when snow or ice is falling.  The breeze is steady but soft out of the SW, carrying the sound of Geese still wintering on Dead Mans Island just a short distance away.  No alarm needed to wake up with the anticipation of this greeting every day.


Mitt Romney Flies Delta!

While flying a trans continental flight today, my bride and I had the good fortune to share a row with Mr. Romney!

He was cordial, colorful, and engaging.  We only shared a few minutes of discussion but enjoyed the conversation.

Good to meet our national politicians in person, particularly when they are not "on" and more at ease just traveling along with the rest of us.


Reflection in the waves

My inner self swims in a union of souls with Sheila on the journeys She and I experience.  Memories are vivid and easy to recall with my best friend in the same boat amidst the connective ebb and flow moments that form every adventure.

Most recently we thrived from time apart, time at Disney, and time amidst the powerful natural forces of Oceans never ending dance in Malibu.

Touted as "The Year Of Disney" we delved into annual passes, Character stalking, and beignets amidst the Diz version of NOLA.  Free parking, pass holder access to special events, and the fun of being someplace where rides, families, food, drink, and good weather all add up to a place where time doesn't matter.  The joy of no pressure to get everything seen in a few days is indescribable.  We embraced with family, friends, and just each other.  A dominant memory of our past few years.

Zuma/Pt Dume/Santa Barbara/Pismo...whale watching, sunset gazing, Hollywood star sighting, triathlon-ing, motorcycling Muhlholland Drive,  

Ferrari gawking, baby seal saving, sea glass collecting, mini-house living, learning the value of a garage, sand between the toes and forever in our cars, suntanning, surfing (trying to anyway),  

sand dollar finding, little critter awe-ing, movie watching, pizza hunting, traffic laughing, FaceTime experiencing, house renting, friend missing, dolphin counting, island hopping, sea otter bino-ing, and most of all Relationship Endearing!  So much in only a few years.  

The sun does set every day, but just like adventures, comes around again so long as we live on this space rock called Earth.

New adventures upon tomorrow's sunrise.  Moving, house hunting, traveling, exploring, new friends, old friend invites.  Away we Goooo!


Pedi's are manly

Dispute as needed. Call center is now open. 1-800-ped-ifun!



Amazing how impactful to an organizations success a lack of management and a breakdown of employee loyalty can have. This is in terms of the customer base I service with the products and services I sell. Chapter 13 and a setting sun on another dream for an American entrepreneur.

Wherever you go, there you are.